Revlon Nail Polishes ♥


Display at Bed Bath and Beyond where I finally found them ♥

I finally found them ♥

Revlon Parfumerie (Revlon’s New Scented Nail Polish)

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Black & White ♥

Sometimes when I can’t make up my mind I end up painting my nails 2 colors, one for each hand. I used to do this since High School, I remember other girls would call me weird for doing this but hey, I know they do this now too. 🙂

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Bath & Body Works ♥♥


After my last online order I decided to go to the store and change my candles & the 2 wallflowers I didn’t enjoy. The ladies at the store were so helpful and amazing in exchanging my order even though the wallflowers are only online I was able to get 4 different individual wallflowers. ♥♥ Continue reading

Wet n Wild- My First Impression♥ ♥


I have heard many things about the wet n wild mega last nail polish how they are great but I never saw the color itself or the brush. This morning I stopped at my nearby Duane Reade/Walgreens. (The two are currently the same thing and inside Duane Reade they have Walgreen brands but on the outside it still has Duane Reade so I don’t know what’s going on) Continue reading