DIY-Nail Polish Rack ♥

During the course of this week my husband has been building this. I was planning on building this but he got over excited at Home Depot buying the items that he wanted and offered to do it for me.


This is easy to do and any one can do this… I had some miscalculations and as you can see there is a board next to my rack I actually have 2 boards left over 😦

I saw many videos on YouTube and yes I got my measurements from there… I didn’t want to glue it down… so I opted for thicker boards to screw them in and I can be sure and sleep at night knowing they won’t fall.

My shopping List:


Sand Paper 100-Medium (3 per pack) $4


Screws 1 1/2 and 2 inch wasn’t sure which to get so I got both $1.50 each


Wood Glue $3.50 & Wood Filler $2.50


Picture Hanger? I wanted the ones that wouldn’t be visible… but my husband preferred these just to be sure $3


Black Spray Paint $4


Smallest Nails I could find $1.50

I didn’t take picture of the boards but they are 6 feet long and they are 2 inches in depth and 1 inch wide


 (Please excuse my garbage and that whole in the wall, it was like that when we moved in and haven’t gotten around to fix it)

My rack is 3 feet high by 2 feet wide.  My rack was going to be every 4.5 inches apart but since the wood was 1 inch we had to make some adjustments they are about 4.5 apart but instead of the 8 I originally thought they were 7. First thing my husband built was the outside he said it would be easier this way. then he placed the first rack about 4 inches this is the only one with 4 inches


 At glance they all look even for me it isn’t a problem, for a perfectionist it may be.


 As you can see he put two screws into each rack, he said one might rotate accidentally over time, or they may tip while I am putting the polishes on, again I just didn’t want this to fall while I was sleeping or in school and come home to a mess. We put the wood glue between the wood just so they didn’t move while they were being screwed in, the wood filler we put where the screws were at, where the wood was uneven. We couldn’t pick out our wood, so we got uneven ones, and damaged wood. Thanks a lot Home Depot. Once the wood filler is completely dry you will sand it down and make it nice and smooth 🙂


Wood filler at its best 🙂


Yes… I started painting this and it got on my floor, but don’t worry I cleaned it up with Nail Polish thinner 🙂


All done, this was put up last night 🙂

Almost forgot for the back I went to Deals and picked up 2 Posterboards in black and we nailed them with the smallest nails I found so they wouldn’t crack the wood.

You can see here the hooks that are holding this beauty up. ( & yes I still have Halloween Decorations up) I also picked up some Christmas decorations at Deals.


I hope you enjoyed this and have a beautiful week. 🙂 ♥♥


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