DIY Makeover ♥

Time for a DIY Makeover:

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First up was this candle pedestal I got from the clearance at Target.


The part that my husband had already started painting was originally Pink, and I didn’t like the two colors together, my room has those two colors together but I just thought it be too much to have the pedestal and my room match, and it needed an update. I just went to Home Depot and grabbed a Gold Metallic spray paint, they are the easiest to work with mainly because you won’t have any brush streaks it was about $5.


Just spraying some gold paint on everything ♥


Next was this metal flower thing, I was using it to put my coins in, I wanted to use this for my brushes but I didn’t like the color, and in the back the color was already coming off, the letters said Petite Fleur, which I guess means small flower? I did have the DIY vase that was closed for my brushes but I usually apply foundation with my hands and then I grabbed the lid from the brushes and it started to wear off, I had a hard time taking it off so I left that one for my coins 😦


I apologize for the sun being too bright here, and then the gold metallic color doesn’t help, but for a vase like this make sure to use a glove, I mean always wear a glove, but for this one since you hold it from the inside there is a higher chance of getting painted.


Here they are drying ♥


This is the Pink flower vase tin, I didn’t buy this one so I wouldn’t know how much it was, I just found it outside.


And here is the candle pedestal, I just think this looks much better, the little owls I got from Target for a dollar each they hold the small tea light candles. I wanted to paint my nail polish rack as well, but I am not sure if they would look nice in gold.

What do you think?


I got these from Amazon, they are just a spice rack, about $15 each, and they hold two rows of nail polish.

I am thinking of building a rack, so I wouldn’t have two rows, but I am still thinking of how to do it. (Measurement wise)

Hope you enjoyed my mini DIY, Have a beautiful weekend ♥♥






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