Ulta Breast Cancer Awareness Haul ♥

Happy Halloween ♥


October isn’t just about Halloween it is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is a month were a lot of Pink products are available, and I Love Pink it is my favorite color, for this month of October I actually died some of my hair Pink. I have friends who have fought Breast Cancer, so this is something close to me. If you would like more information about Breast Cancer Awareness, and how to help just Click Here 

This Month at Ulta, there were giving this amazing pretty pink bag, with some samples inside.


To be completely honest the picture online made this bag seem so much bigger than it actually is, in the picture it is actually on my tablet, I still love it but I thought it would be bigger.

Here is what was inside:


I don’t remember what exactly was inside this bag, overall I got some perfume samples, a hair spray, eye primer, Escada shimmer powder, eye brightener, I’m just naming from what I can see from the picture, I was going to post this up earlier but I’m in school and I just got over midterms and essay writing.


This is everything out of the wrapping, to get an idea of what was inside, I definitely think this was a great bag, with very decent size products I especially love the Escada shimmer powder, I just don’t know how to use it I love how everything was well packaged.

When you donated a certain amount at Ulta, you were able to choose a free gift, I donated $5 and got this amazing mirror.


The mirror is gorgeous, it is about the size of my palm, there was another option one with lips but I liked this one better. It has two mirrors in the inside one normal and one magnified, I am not sure how much it is 3x or 10x but I don’t really use it only when I fix my eyebrows. Magnifying mirrors make me dizzy, I don’t know why?


I love the EOS lip balms, and I just finished my Honeydew one, and I thought this would be the perfect time to get a new one, because they are both pink. This would be the package where almost everything was pink. The set includes Fresh Watermelon which I wanted to get from their 4 pack, but I wasn’t sure to get the 4 pack for 1 EOS that I liked, I am not a fan of the Strawberry Sorbet which is the other one included, but I still use it.


Smoochies, were buy one get one half off, and when I added these four to my cart there was this option of choosing your free gift. I tried the CoverGirl Flamed Out Mascara, and I don’t like it one bit, reason: They make my eyelashes fall flat. I have straight eyelashes and I curl them before mascara, I don’t do after because I’m terrified I will pull them all out. I haven’t tried this one, it was free, so I guess this would be a good time to try it, I’ve seen mixed reviews, but what works for some may not always work for others. I will give my review on this one soon and other CoverGirl mascaras I picked up last night.

For Smoochies I picked up #2Cute #tweetme #textme and #luvu . I like them, and so does my husband, he doesn’t like me wearing lipstick he likes the “natural” lips, and I don’t, I think my lips need color and I guess this is a good product for both since it isn’t very pigmented but it does have a nice tint of color and they smell great.


Just some swatches ♥

They are in order in the back to my hand, Left to right are:

Text Me, 2 Cute, Tweet Me, Luv U


Another Pink product, Bed Heads, Candy Fixation Glaze and Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo. I haven’t tried these at all, I currently did a lot of damage to my hair and I am currently restoring so I don’t do my hair during this time I just have it out.


When I first started wearing mascara these were everything to me, I used them for years until a friend in college told me about Maybelline Falsies and I wondered about them and that’s when I began trying out new mascaras, and even though some disappoint me, so far Maybelline hasn’t disappointed me and after a year or two of not using this mascara I decided to purchase it again. I always but waterproof, mainly because the weather is crazy and all of a sudden it can rain and my mascara would run, it has happened. I love this mascara it was my first and I will go back to this one very soon.


I love these nail polishes, they are amazing for the affordable prize, in my Target they don’t bring in new colors I don’t know why, and I saw these colors at Ulta and I didn’t have them 🙂 I had to get a Pink one. They are about $2.99 or $3.49, and their quality is great, I do one coat with these nail polishes, I forget to do a second and for one coat it looks great.


Sorry for this very late post, I’ve been stressed with midterms and essays and this is my Final Semester. I need to pass I don’t want to stay another semester longer.

Thank you for reading, Have a fun & safe Halloween. ♥♥♥


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