Blushing Obsession♥


My Blushing Obsession…♥♥♥

I never wore blush… mainly because I didn’t know what to do with it that is until I discovered YouTube. I knew about YouTube, but I thought it was mainly for music videos, tv commercials, until I was looking on how to dye my hair red, I did it before but I wanted the red like Rihanna had, and I went to Google, and I found Nicole Guerriero.  I saw her video about a little more than a year ago, and I fell in Love with her, I began watching her videos, at this time my makeup routine was foundation, eyeliner and mascara, that was all I did. I watched and watched her videos and I became inspired in a way to do more, I wanted to try out new things. I began buying eyeshadows, liquid liners (I only did my lower eyeline, I could never do the top… and thanks to her I have learned how to do everything the right way ♥. Over the past year I have subscribed to more people, but I am over excited when she posts up a new video, I Thank her, for teaching me how to wear makeup. My mom doesn’t wear makeup and I am the oldest, so I don’t have who to learn from, today my friends ask me for help but I wouldn’t be able to help them without her.♥ Like I said I never had a blush because I saw people around where I live… they looked like clowns, I am being honest, and I didn’t want to look like that, but as I kept watching videos I saw how Nicole always applied blush, and it looked Amazing, so about two months ago I decided to go out and buy my first blush… Milani Luminoso, I have seen her wear this, and I thought it would be great for me ♥



$20 Each

About two weeks ago I went to Sephora with a dear friend of mine, who used a Stila Self-Adjusting Bronzer as a Blush, and she told me she wanted to change her color of blush and I saw they had a coral color, and I handed it to her, and got one my self. (Then it began) When I got home, I ran to blot my face and open this blush, I ripped the box open and immediately got a brush and applied it… with Milani’s Luminoso I dab the brush quite a few times with this one I only did twice and it was strong so I applied this blush on both cheeks with two dabs on the blush but I fell in Love with this color, then I got an email from Ulta… 20% off my order, and I read the reviews about the pink one and I decided to get it. I just got it in today but I will be trying it out. While at Ulta they had Revlon buy one get one half off, I love their foundations and decided to try out their blushes.



$4.99 Each

I ordered these the night I went to Sephora, to be honest I am not into these, they aren’t as strong as the others. I cant even see them on the tips of my fingers, I will have to see how it applies, maybe this would be for a more natural look.


I saw this at Ulta, for $38 and the reason I got this was for the blush and the eye primer, and thought it was a great deal, this was the last item I got from Ulta, I was going for Coralista, Ive seen it a lot but I thought Bella Bamba would be a great color too.

IMG_0238 1-IMG_0239

I love the picture on this one, I also love the color, again I haven’t tried it but it looks beautiful. I don’t use the brushes that come with the blush, mainly because when I got Luminoso I did use the brush, I didn’t have a blush brush, but I didn’t like it, and soon after I ordered Coastal Scents Elite Brush Set, they are synthetic and when I used BareMinerals and I thought it was the foundation that was irritating me but the lady at the store told me it was most likely the brush because it was natural and I had acne and it was irritating from then on I have only been using synthetic. That’s what I use with blush, I know which brush to use again from videos.


1-IMG_0232 1-IMG_0233

TANtalizer $7 Sephora $17

The Sephora Baked Blush Duo in Guava Glow, and again I swatched every color they had but I kept coming back to this one and decided to get it, I didn’t find the Baked Bronzer I was looking for but I found the TANtalizer buy the register, and I didn’t even question it, it was $7 and it is a decent size. you cant see it on my arm, but my face is lighter and it may not be dark but I like the color it gives me.

Like I mentioned Luminoso was my first blush which I don’t use everyday, but I love it and this Monday I went into Duane Reade because everything on the Wet N Wild line was buy one get one half off, and I love the eyeshadows, So I went to pick some up and I saw they had Milani Blushes, when I usually go in there are no blushes, so I grabbed the other two and they are amazing, I would use these on an everyday basis.


The color I love most is Rose D’Oro, which I guess means Golden Rose.

I can now be confident of wearing blush and now I don’t look like clown, I am not exaggerating, I see people wear a strong blush and they look amazing, but the people I see around my neighborhood apparently did something wrong, because it looks horrible. I am not saying a lot of blush looks bad, I know someone in my class, and she wears a strong blush and she looks amazing, but she knows what colors works for her and how to apply.

I would mainly like to thank Nicole Guerriero for introducing me to this whole new world of makeup, being able to open my eyes, she has taught me a lot I would love to meet her, I want to go to IMATS in NYC just to see her, she is my inspiration, and I feel confident going outside and feel good about myself. I don’t have words to describe it, I love every video you make, and I can watch them over and over again, I don’t get tired of them ♥♥ Thank You ♥♥


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