Revlon Nail Polishes Pt II ♥



They are finally at Rite Aid, I have been looking in all Duane Reade stores, and didn’t even think about Rite Aid.

They are currently having a sale on ALL Revlon Cosmetics, & yes!! this includes the new Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polishes.

I grabbed my self 4 more.


Italian Leather, Wild Violets, Beachy, China Flower.

Lets begin.

Italian Leather

Italian Leather

At first glance this color looks grey, this was actually the last color I picked up, I was going to get 3 but I saw that they were on sale, and decided to grab this one after a closer look. When I picked it up I was able to see the gold shimmer in the gray. The scent its really nice and subtle not to strong, they do last a couple of days, and yes even with washing your hands, they still smell. I don’t keep nail polish for a long time, so I don’t know how long exactly they last.

Wild Violets

Wild Violets

This color is amazing, to me it is just a dark violet color, and it smells amazing I love how this one smells, I am not sure if this one should be the first one I should wear. This color is definitely amazing for fall, especially if you’re into the dark colors. There isn’t much to say about the scent, it also smells amazing, very floral.



This is not a golden color, it is more like a bronzed color, which is what you will look after a day in the beach. Bronzed and if you like to wear shimmer when you are tanned, then this is what it looks like. I tried this on and it looks amazing, I wasn’t sure about the scent, I honestly can’t find the words for it.

China Flowers

China Flowers

This is a bright redish orange color, I am currently painting my nails this color. I am not sure about China flowers, but it is definitely a nice light floral scent, not to dark like Wild Violets, but still smells amazing. One coat of this nail polish is enough, you can definitely get away with it.

Thank You for reading & Stay tuned for my Ulta Breast Cancer Awareness Month Haul


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