Revlon Foundations ♥


Revlon ColorStay vs Revlon Colorstay Whipped vs Revlon Nearly Naked ♥♥


Revlon ColorStay-For Oily Skin

Yes, this one is upside down, I am almost done with it, the amount of makeup left is on the rim part. I love this makeup, I have extremely oily skin, meaning in a few hours I will shine like the brightest star. The reason why I picked this up was because it was on sale on Ulta, and it was around summer time, and it was for oily skin. This makeup really stays on your skin, when I wash my face at night I can see all the makeup coming off. I bought two, and this one I was able to use it to go to school. I am up from 6am, and that is when I apply my makeup, by the time I get to the bus around 9 I am oily with other foundations, so when I get to school the first thing I do it blot, after every class I needed to blot, with this one I don’t have to blot as often I honestly do it once around 3, I go to school what seems to be forever from 10-6, I am outside from 8am-8pm.. I know, I don’t like carrying makeup with me, that’s just me and this stays on there, and it is matte finish. This you can apply with a makeup sponge or brush. ♥ For me this is a buildable coverage from medium to high, this does look natural for me.


Revlon ColorStay Whipped

This one is like the liquid foundation, I like this one better only because it has that velvety feeling, I do apply my makeup with my fingers, I don’t scoop it out with my fingers I use disposable spatulas, and I wash them before I use it so I only use one. Anyways I do have a beauty blender and I sometimes use it, but often I would forget to take it with me so I can damp it, and end up putting makeup with my fingers, I like this one but there are cons for some people, there isn’t a con for me. Again its good for me it doesn’t make me shine, so I Love it, I bought this one at target for about $12, I really needed makeup so I had to get it. Next time I would check Ulta, they often have sales on it. Either ways it is worth it ♥ For me this looks natural, I would consider it a heavy coverage.


Revlon Nearly Naked

I suffered from acne, and I still do around the time of the month, my face has a few red scars that are recent, not a lot but just here and there but I don’t like when people stare like if I were from another planet, I am not the only one but it makes me self-conscious so I can’t leave my house without makeup, Sometimes I have to go to the store to get some quick groceries, this is what I go for, I bought it with the whipped foundation recently, it was on sale on target for $7, I did try this and went to school, I came home with out makeup from all the blotting I did, I wash my face as soon as I can getting home and there was nothing. The water was clear, I was shocked, but then I thought about all the times I was blotting in school. Again I have extremely oily skin and I only wear this to go out and do quick chores, not for a long day. ♥♥ This goes on really light, so it would be light coverage, but it really looks natural too.

Thank You, & I hope this helps if you have oily skin or just looking for another foundation ♥♥

Have a beautiful weekend♥

I am on my way to Ulta♥





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