Revlon Nail Polishes ♥


Display at Bed Bath and Beyond where I finally found them ♥

I finally found them ♥

Revlon Parfumerie (Revlon’s New Scented Nail Polish)


These are the three that I bought, there were other colors I wanted but they didn’t have them 😦


Apricot Nectar♥

I am very sorry for my nail… I couldn’t wait to try it on and smell them ♥

This is the first one that caught my eye, and even though the pink one did also I wasn’t sure how many to get, I was only going for one that I really wanted but I will go to another store and see if they have them. As they begin to dry there is a mix of scents you get your normal nail polish scent and then you get the apricot scent. This is a sweet smell, I am not sure how apricot nectar smells, but it is a summery sweet smell, almost like sliced peaches in heavy syrup, that’s what I think of, and yes I know they are different fruit but they are the same family. Please don’t smell them from the bottle, they are not going to smell until they completely dry. I actually didn’t try it because I read about it first. I am not sure how long the scent lasts. But I did leave this one for about another 2 hours or so, and I did wash my hands because I wanted to see if the scent faded with the first wash and it didn’t. I really like this color and the brushes are small.


African Tea Rose

If you haven’t realized I love Pink ♥ I would almost always go for the pink polish first when trying a new nail polish. Anything that is available in different colors I would always choose pink ♥ This is on the darker side of pink, it is wearable in the fall. If you’re into that, some people wear any color nail polish any time of year and some people like to wear them by seasons, and that’s ok there is no right or wrong way as long as you feel happy with it ♥ I would wear this color all year long, maybe its my love for pink. Honestly I don’t know how to describe this scent… you can definitely smell the rose, I am not sure of the African Tea, I don’t know what the ingredients are, but I smell roses, and a bit of spice to it, not sure which ones, but it smells amazing.



When I saw this bottle I wasn’t going to buy it, but then I picked it up and got a closer look and I fell in love with the color♥


WinterMint & Apricot Necar

I was trying to get the macro on the polish, but for some reason it wasn’t coming out great. I am not sure if you can see it in the picture but its a minty green color, and it has fine gold glitter, and obviously the blue glitter which is more visible because its a bit larger. There was only two left and the other bottle seemed used… I didn’t notice this bottle had the label a bit wrong, and I am tempted on fixing it because it comes out on the side, there is that extra piece of label just flying out. The only thing I can say about this scent is minty. Yes I know I have a nail color underneath but later when I took of the nail polish I tried it again and it isn’t a sheer color, I love this color ♥

* I have looked for these in Duane Reade/Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, I haven’t tried CVS I didn’t have the chance. I went to Ulta because of their NYX and Revlon 40% off sale, and near the Ulta I remembered there was a Bed Bath & Beyond and I knew what I was looking for, they weren’t in the nail polish area, they were in the new section. I was ready to walk out when I saw them in the new makeup section.

 Thank you for reading and have a great week ♥♥


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