Wet n Wild- My First Impression♥ ♥


I have heard many things about the wet n wild mega last nail polish how they are great but I never saw the color itself or the brush. This morning I stopped at my nearby Duane Reade/Walgreens. (The two are currently the same thing and inside Duane Reade they have Walgreen brands but on the outside it still has Duane Reade so I don’t know what’s going on)

I stopped by to pick up something for my yellow nails, they are yellow not because I smoke or anything but because I am always wearing nail polish when I go outside. If I am home I can be without nail polish but Sunday for me is get ready to go to school on Monday. As I was browsing around I spotted the wet n wild section and I thought about it, I wanted to try them out and they are only $1.99, I was going to get more because they have amazing colors, however I heard about their brushes being a bit rough and I wanted to see it first before I got more colors.

These are the two colors I got.


(The left one is Tropicalia & the right one is Club Havana)

They do take a while to dry as I am typing this they are still drying, and I am not sure about this.

The first thing I did as I got home and got my nail polishes out the bag, I looked at their brushes and I was worried about this. If you haven’t tried the wet n wild nail polishes these are how they look.

20130927_114234 20130927_114206

They are thick and I had nail polish and for the first time I tried it I put it right on top, I constantly do this I don’t know why. It was streaky and I was about to return them, since I constantly change my nail polish about 2-3 times a week, I decided it was time for a change and I should try these to give it one final try.

20130927_114811 20130927_114522

Seeing them side to side, I noticed my hands are two different colors. I did one hand of each color, this is one coat, and I think it has a pretty good color with one coat and I can definitely wear it. Like I said I don’t like going outside without nail polish and sometimes I would paint my nails on my way out to school and I only have time for one coat. I think I can do this with this nail polish and I can be sure that I will get a good coverage. I did apply a second coat, and that is the one that is currently drying as I finish my post. I already hit it into something an smudged it, there are no streaks on my nail polish I would definitely buy more, and if you’re someone that doesn’t want to go all out and buy higher nail polish these are really good.

Have a beautiful Weekend ♥♥


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