Little Black Bag-Haul♥


What’s in my Little Black Bag?

I first heard about Little Black Bag on YouTube, and I immediately went to the website to try it with my first order I loved it and I went back for my second order.


When I got this package I was so excited, but decided to wait until today to open it, because I had to blog about it.


This was first in the box, and honestly I wondered what could be in here, they did change the packaging from my first order.

So, I didn’t know what to expect.


Mata Traders Delta Necklace


Catherine Stein Designs Teardrop Earrings


 I love the earrings the moment they appeared in my bag, the necklace on the other hand I wasn’t a big fan of but after a while of receiving no offer trades, I decided to keep it and have my bag shipped to me.

Another thing that came in my bag was a surprise.


MMS Design Studio Color Block Box Satchel

I ordered when they were having their “Lucky” promotion, when you purchased your bag with a value of $49, you got a special surprise.

This wasn’t the original bag I received in my bag, I did manage to trade it for this Amazing red bad, I actually imagined it would be a bit smaller but I still love it because I finally have a bag that I can be able to carry my Samsung Galaxy Note tablet. I love the color and I’m extremely happy with it.

My final item is of course the bag I originally purchased.


Big Buddha Braided Hobo Bag


I went to the website with hopes in finding a bag big enough for all my things that I take to school, I’m always carrying big bags to ensure I can fit everything I need. This bag is amazing and even though it doesn’t feel sturdy as other bags I owned in the past, meaning I will have to make sure I don’t overdo it. Also the inside looks amazing I love the design, this is my first Big Buddha bag, and I have been wanting to get one for a while, but never decided on getting one because I couldn’t commit to buying it. I don’t know what I waited for.


Thank you for reading & I hope you enjoyed my Little Black Bag. ♥


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