Coconut Lime Scrub ♥


Click more to find out the recipe. ♥♥


1. Coconut Oil (Groupon $14.99)

2. Sugar (I wanted a harder scrub so I opted for Raw Sugar which is really coarse 2.99 at Target)

3. Limes ( $.20 local fruit market)


4. A glass jar ($3.49 from Marshalls)


Step 1:

I Added the coconut oil to a container, added the sugar and tried to mix it. (The sugar will sink. it was really hot and my oil turned to liquid.)

I added about 2 cups of coconut oil & 1 cup of sugar.

But you can change this if you want less sugar in your scrub or more! ♥

20130804_181201You can see here I added the sugar.


Step 2:

I grated the outside of the lime.

(So try picking out a good lime so we can use the peel)

& your done

Just pour into your container, and leave in the bathroom so you can remember to use it next time you want a moisturizing scrub.


The way I used this was:

I got into the shower, and I scrubbed this everywhere.

I didn’t use a body wash after, to leave the moisture from the coconut oil, if you don’t like the oily feeling feel free to wash it off.

I did rinse.

& I didn’t use a body lotion afterwards to see how moisturizing the coconut oil was & I don’t regret it♥

I would use this about once a week.

Thank you for reading & Enjoy ♥♥


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