Magazine Box DIY♥


Here’s how I did it. ♥


Items Needed:

Shoe Box

Old Magazine

Glue (& Glue Sticks)

Hot Glue Gun


Pencil (or Paintbrush)


Step 1:

First I covered the box with some magazine pages. This is an optional step, you can skip it but I chose to cover it, so the box isn’t visible.



Step 2:

I cut the Magazine Pages out, and I cut them in half, after that I rolled them using a pencil. I didn’t want them too thin or otherwise it would’ve taken a long time. A pencil or a paintbrush can be used but make sure its an even paintbrush to get an even tube. 20130724_183958

20130724_190111* Tip: I stored them into this Ziploc bag to keep track of them. (I didn’t want them to wander off under furniture.


Step 3:

Time to bring out the Hot Glue Gun! Just glue those magazine tubes.

20130724_192428*Tip: I found it easier to glue the box and then place the tube rather than placing the hot glue on the stick and then trying to place it.

20130724_192221*Tip: I would suggest measuring the tubes, then cutting them. I glued it first and then it came out kind of sloppy, because it was harder to cut.

20130724_193629Some progress. 20130724_214405Almost there.


& Done.

It didn’t take me too long, the longest part is rolling the paper. & after that I would recommend measuring and cutting the paper tubes and then leave the gluing for last so it can be the easiest step.

The idea was to use a box for my Eye Shadow palettes, I had them stacked and they were hard to get. & they fit perfectly. ♥


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